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Just by playing around with CADABRA, I found out the existence of a super-useful LaTeX package, called breqn, which allows to break long equations at the edge of the page… like the wraping feature of most text editors.

However, when one manipulates really long expressions, I’d like to break these long equations through the page. I’m still looking for this feature… in that case I can improve even more the behaviour of cadabra‘s notebook, when compiling it to LaTeX.

Any suggestions???


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A quick tip: When writing a long aligned equation, use the following command, \allowdisplaybreaks in the preamble.



Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff &= \partial_t(p)\\
  &= \partial_t(m v)\\
  &= m a\\
  &= m \dot{v}\\
  &= m \ddot{x}\\
  &= \partial_t(p)\
  &= \partial_t(m v)\\
  &= m a\\
  &= m \dot{v}\\
  &= m \ddot{x}

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Yesterday I add my first contribution to sagenb.org/pub.

This has a couple of applications of the Euler method for solving ODE’s (ordinary differential equations. Check it out at my sage notebook

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