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For a publication I was working on, I plotted functions in  PDF format. However, the journal ask me to handle them in EPS format.

“What’s the point?” you might ask. Well, since I installed Lucid Lynx (a clean installation), the files of those graphic were gone… Fool of me, you will say, but really, I never thought that this days journals DO NOT accept PDF files!!!!

Who cares! to the point.

First I tried with the convert command

for i in *.pdf; do convert $i $(echo $i| sed -e s/pdf/eps/g); done

It did the job, but the quality of the plots was compromised.

Then, I move to Sage(math), and re-discover the function ‘graphics_array’, and try this,

p1 = plot(Vn(x, 1, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2)
p1 += plot(Vp(x, 1, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2, linestyle='-.',  \
  axes_labels=[r'$\xi^\prime', r'$V_{qm}(\xi^\prime)$'], fontsize=17)
p2 = plot(Vn(x, 3, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2)
p2 += plot(Vp(x, 3, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2, linestyle='-.', \
  axes_labels=[r'$\xi^\prime$',r''], fontsize=17)
p3 = plot(Vn(x, 5, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2)
p3 += plot(Vp(x, 5, 3), (x,-5,5), color='black', thickness=2, linestyle='-.', \
  axes_labels=[r'$\xi^\prime$',r''], fontsize=17)

… a little explanation?! p1, p2 and p3 are the graphics I’d like put into an array, each of them contain 2 plots (both black because otherwise they’ll make me pay an incredible amount of money… crazy people!), and them try the graphics_array,

ga = graphics_array([p1, p2, p3])
ga.show(frame=True, axes=False, figsize=[12,8])

and obtain something like this,

First try with graphics_array

Yeah babe!!!… What???!!! It’s not all right! What happened with the axis labels, the font size, and so on?

Second try: let’s see if the plots are working one by one


This is the right p1


The right p2


The right p3

The are alright! So, What happened? Let me run again the graphics_array commands

ga = graphics_array([p1, p2, p3])
ga.show(frame=True, axes=False, figsize=[12,8])

What did I get?…

The final result was as I wanted to be! 🙂

MORAL: Make Sage(math) show you the plot, one by one, before make them into an array!

Yeah… I almost forgot it!

My goal was to save it as an EPS file, so after getting the looked graph, the command is

ga.save(frame=True, axes=False, figsize=[12,8], \

Cya all!

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I’ve just notice that the bluetooth manager is not present in the upper panel
Where is it?

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Since I install a fresh Ubuntu, I do not have a texlive configuration on the computer. If you do, might want to remove it before the installation,

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/texlive/

Now, let go to the link for downloading the installer. Once the downloading is ready, it is time to untar it (the easiest way is to right-click on it and choose `extract here’). Finally, we run the installer,

$ cd Downloads/install-tl-xxxx/ 
$ sudo ./install-tl

Right now I’m running mine. Have fun with yours.

I almost forgot the configuration of the path, I use a modified PATH configuration on my .bashrc file, to open yours use the command line

$ gedit .bashrc

And add at the end the following lines,

### LaTeX 2009 configuration
export PATH

Save the file, and run

$ source .bashrc

to update the configuration… or just close and reopen the terminal.


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I’ve just re-installed Ubuntu in my Dell XPS 1330n. It looks very nice… but as I wrote in a previous post, I’d like it to be a bit different (out of the box) ’cause it tends to look much like Leopard.

  • The internet connection works, but it is slow… could be the repositories.
  • Firefox’s default search engine has gone back to Google. I have nothing against Yahoo!, but I’m a Google’s fan… So, good for me.
  • I’ve noticed that Empathy includes Facebook chat and MySpace one. As usual, the F4 key allows you to configure your accounts. The chat windows is cuter.
  • In System-> Administration -> Software Source, I changed to mIain server in Ubuntu SoftwareTab, checked the Canonical Archive box in Other Software Tab, and checked the proposed and backport boxes in the Updates Tab. Finally close for reload the changes.
  • After changing the Sotfware sources… It finally began to dist-update. 103 files for a total of 117.1 Mb. Not to bad.
  • I’ve just found something called Gwibber or Broadcast (when you press the mail icon in the upper panel)… It allows you to post in Social networks such as facebook, Flirk, … and many others.
  • Transmission continues been the default torrent client (I really love it!).
  • Still don’t use the Simple Scan program, but I liked really much Xsane… I know, I should give him a try!
  • The detection of external media is as good as before.
  • One of my favourite text editors, Emacs has evolved to Emacs23, I tried like one month ago and I didn’t like it much. Let’s see if this version is better.
  • A Kernel problem which slow down the copy process for large files seems to be gone!

I haven’t finished the Configuration, so I’ll be posting during the day!


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I’ve been using Ubuntu from 7.10, and always is the same… download the image and burn a CD, which after 10 days (at most) is nothing but trash.

The solution is to `burn’ the iso file in a USB. HOW? there is a Ubuntu package called usb-creator

$ sudo apt-get install usb-creator usb-creator-gtk

which after install might be called from the terminal using the commamd,

$ usb-creator-gtk

The advantage of the USB besides save nature by allow us to trash less CDs, is that the live version is much faster than its CD partner, and the recycling makes easier to try the developing releases… for example two days ago I tried the beta2 version of Lucid Lynx… and the improvement from beta1 is notable, specially stability.

Nothing more to say, just enjoy life!

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The steps below are valid for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) as well.

For installing the cairo-dock application (this is a Mac-like dock) your graphic card must be supported.

In order to install the repository, and the application, run the following lines (ono-by-one) in the terminal,

for the unstable version (I’m using it and got no problems)

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/weekly 

for  stable application

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa 


$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

I recommend to try it first, so here we go,

  • Click, with the mouse right-button, the bottom panel
  • Sellect Properties
  • Check the Show Hide Buttons option (you might see an arrow at the begining and the end of the panel.
  • Press the arrow.
  • Press Alt-F2 and type cairo-dock -o
  • Follow the instructions.

There it is!

If you have problems with it, quit it (click the mouse right-button on the dock and sellect quit), try the -c option (instead of the -o above)

If  you got no problems, and you like it you might want to remove the inferior panel and put the dock in the StartUp application.

Adding the Application to Start Up.

Go to System->Preferences->Startup Applications and add a new one call it Dock (or give it your favourite name) and the command is just cairo-dock.

Save the changes.

That’s all folks!

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When I opened a terminal the prompt said
which is nice. But after changing the directory to Folder/Subfolder/Subsubfolder, it got messy,

Since the command pwd shows the path of current directory, I wanted to drop all this bothering information.


Open the terminal (or if it’s opened go to your folder)

$ cd

Open the .bashrc file

$ nano .bashrc

Look for the lines where

PS1=’….some messy stuff here…’

is written, and erase the values \w from them.

Save the file (C-o) and exit (C-x).

Restart the terminal.


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