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I don’t know how much of it its really needed, but I install the whole Sun’s Java 6 packages,

$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java-6-jre sun-java6-pluging
   sun-java6-source sun-java6-bin

For sure you’ll need the jdk and plugin one… If your internet connection is slow you might try installing these two first and try the above command.

Configuration of Java for Mozilla.

For  enable Java plugin on Firefox 3.6,

$ sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libjavaplugin.so \
   mozilla-javaplugin.so /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so 50

Now it’s time to restart your browser.

For checking that the plugin is enabled, open your Firefox browser and type


in the address line, there must be the Java application enabled.

Bonus Track.

After doing the above steps, I realize that got a bonus…

  • The Java Plugin was enabled also for conkeror browser.
  • Since I use Firefox as the browser for Sage(math), the 3D plots are visible now.

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I’ve been trying Sage(math) for the last three weeks, and I can say it’s a charming piece of software. Works very well, the IRC channel is really, really helpful, the interface is simple, the Python platform is rather natural to manage, evolves quickly… and so on.

However, there are some weak points I’d like to comment…

  • Documentation: Since Sage(math) use about 70 different applications, the documentation is FAR of being complete. It would be useful if the documentation is improved, at least if it refers to, say, Maxima documentation… or Numpy… etc.
  • Hypergeometric Functions: Besides the confluent one, the hypergeometric functions are left behind. I guess the problem is the maxima support of Special Functions.
  • Browser Integration: There are still some weak points in browsers other than firefox… like Chromium-browser. A.f.a. I know, Chromium has problems opening new worksheets, and with some permissions settings.

So, I recomend using firefox as the main browser for Sage(math) and if possible integrate it with other calculation programs like Maple or Mathematica. And finally look up further into Maxima, and other pieces of Sage documentation, as well as using the IRC channel (#sage-devel) an google groups for asking questions.

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Yesterday I add my first contribution to sagenb.org/pub.

This has a couple of applications of the Euler method for solving ODE’s (ordinary differential equations. Check it out at my sage notebook

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About 10 days now I started to use Sage(math) for my calculations… I must admit I was (and still am) really impress for it reliability and easy use. However, since my default web browser is not Firefox, the notebook of sage opens in Chromium-browser (which is neither my default  browser, but conkeror).

The problem with Chromium-browser was that it did not auto-complete… but now it does, so if you’re using Chromium-browser the tab-key now helps you to auto-complete the sage command.

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From time to time I like to heard online radio, so I found th e following  link,


It has hundred of different radio stations.

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If you want to try Conkeror Web Browser, in Ubuntu type the following command line in the terminal,

$ sudo apt-get install conkeror conkeror-spawn-process-helper conkeror-adblock-plus

and after the installation open your new browser with the command

$ conkeror

or from the main menu, Applications -> Internet -> Conkeror Web Browser.


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Hi people!

Conkeror is a fast and light web browser based in Emacs and Firefox, so it might be control by using the keyboard commands (Emacs-like)  as well as with the mouse and you can even use Firefox’s adds-on.

This browser is ideal for netbooks, because of the small screen and mouse-pad, and the usage of resources.

Useful Commands.

  • g: Goes to the URL address you insert after it.
  • C-u g: like g, but opens it in a new buffer (new tab if you like)
  • C-u C-u g: like g but opens it in a new windows.
  • f: Follows the link. You might follow it by number, name or partof name plus number.
  • C-u f: same as f but in new buffer.
  • C-u C-u f: same as f but in a new windows.
  • B: goes Back in history.
  • F: goes Forward in history.
  • b: saves to the Bookmark.
  • C-n: Next buffer.
  • C-p: Previous buffer.
  • i s: Image Save… saves the images you select.
  • M-x print-buffer: Prints the web page of the current buffer.
  • \: shows the HTML source.

and many, many others…

I strongly suggest you try it, once you get it work for you… you’ll love it!


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