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Hello there!

Yesterday I installed Linux Mint DEbian (or LMDE) on one of my machines. If you check the Blog Website, the last released version was the 201303. From last March until now, a lot of packages have been updated, therefore it is customary to update (and upgrade) the system right after the installation.

Nonetheless, if you do that… things will go completely wrong.

Fortunately, I found this post on the official Linux Mint forum. Thus I post the steps I follow 1

# apt-get update
# apt-cache policy debian-system-adjustments

if the Installed and Candidate packages are not the same, then install the new one… and then proceed to the upgrade of the system,

# apt-get install debian-system-adjustments  
# apt-get dist-upgrade


1You will need root power, or using the sudo command at the beginning of each line


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I few month ago I was studying group theory, and the question of How to do Young tableaux in LaTeX pops up.

After question some people, ask in groups and searching in CTAN, here I present the answer, ytableau package.


  • Get the zip package ytableau
  • Open a terminal and run the following series of commands: (you’ll need sudo power)
    $ cd /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/
    $ sudo unzip ~/Downloads/ytableau.zip
    $ sudo texhash
  • Now the package is ready to be used!

    Check the manual, inside the zip file or on-line.



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    This post is more about a personal opinion.

    Most of the followers of my blog know that I’m a devote Linux user, and that I prefer Open Source than any other software.

    It is clear than most business people prefer to spend money for a piece of software which get the job done. And additionally, developers will align with the mainstream vendor… or in some cases, money convince them.

    The last to months I’ve been working in some supergravity theory, and you might imagine that even a easy calculation is messy… at least, and will take a huge amount of time to complete.

    On the other hand Mathematica offers a huge (really huge) toolkit for mathematicians, physicists, economists, and so on. I admit it… I sort of hate to use Mathematica, really do!, but although we all know is amazing as a toolkit.

    Nonetheless, most scientist (specially those who grow up using this kind of software), trust the results as if it was not possible to be wrong!!! But if you look further…. there is a book, as enormous as Mathematica user’s guide, of bugs :-S

    A year ago one of my office mate found two bugs: one in an integration routine, and another in a loop routine!!!! A LOOP ROUTINE… Do you know someone who has never used a loop routine? How many possible errors have been publish and propagated?! Moreover, I found a bug myself… in the plot function 😐

    Since then I use SAGE… or Python, so I’ve spent a lot of time learning, developing and proving routines, asking in the help channels and so on!

    I know that this alternatives are far away from Mathematica or Maple or whatever your favourite calculation software is… but imagine!

    Today I found a Mathematica package for computing GR tensors, you can use differential forms, first order formalism, redefine quantities in term of vielbeins, write equations using differential forms (with Hodge star and so on)… Incredible! Isn’t it?

    Who develop this package? It was not Wolfram!!!! If I were the developer of this marvelous package, I’d prefer to kill myself before writing such a thing for a product which is not available for everyone. Exaggeration?! yes, may be… but I’m citizen of a wealth country, full of poor people. Yes, I also know that any pirate page has a cracked copy of Mathematica… but why should I crack a program?

    I don’t want to crack Mathematica… I want an open source software which do as Mathematica. Sorry, I correct: I want an open source software which do BETTER than Mathematica.

    My bet is on SAGE, and that’s why I’m willing to contribute with this project.

    Live wide and prosper! Enjoy!


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