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On a previous post I described how to change the LaTeX options of the Cadabra notebook.

I collaborate with a colleague, who uses the standard cadabra installation. Therefore, If I write a Cadabra notebook, he needs to pullback the personalised notebook to the standard one. The pullback script can be downloaded here!!!

Author: Oscar Castillo-Felisola

Created: 2014-02-18 Tue 20:20

Emacs 24.3.1 (Org mode 8.2.5h)


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When I opened a terminal the prompt said


which is nice. But after changing the directory to Folder/Subfolder/Subsubfolder, it got messy,


Since the command

$ pwd

shows the path of current directory, I wanted to drop all this bothering information.


Open the terminal (or if it’s opened go to your personal folder)

$ cd

Open the .bashrc file

$ nano .bashrc

Look for the lines where

PS1='....some messy stuff here...'

is written, and erase the values \w from them.

Save the file (C-o) and exit (C-x).

Restart the terminal.

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